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Driving Down Enviornmental Cost to Clean
Nilfisk-Advance is proud to be one of the world’s leading producers of professional cleaning equipment. We offer our customers cleaning solutions that are both efficient and improve the sustainability of the industry.

At Nilfisk-Advance we are a proud participant of the United Nations Global Compact and the Carbon Disclosure Project. We have enrolled in order to underline our commitment to be a responsible company, and our participation is therefore in the most recognized and highest esteemed global programs on sustainability.

We want to take a leading position in this development, and we call it; Green Meets Clean. New products shall provide equal or enhanced cleaning efficiency while using less energy, less water and less detergent.

We are very much aware that through this increased focus we take on a task that will lead to fundamental changes in the way we conduct our business. However, we are certain that committing to Corporate Responsibility will help us in developing our business in a new and positive direction. It will also enable us to meet the growing demand from customers for sustainable and more efficient products and processes.

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"It's not enough to design and build green cleaning equipment; we need to live green as a company in order to be true environmental stewards."
Christian Cornelius-Knudsen
President and CEO
Nilfisk-Advance, Inc.
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