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Try to imagine how it would be to clean your home after a big birthday party - without the aid of cleaning machines. Just put yourself back in time when upholstery and carpets had the dust beaten out of them by hand, and when brushes, brooms and cleaning cloths were state-of-the-art tools.

The founder of Nilfisk-Advance P.A.Fisker was trained as an electrical engineer and loved electrical motors. He founded his company in 1906 and started to produce motors to drive coffee grinders, machine tools, fans and drills. P.A. Fisker´s vision from the beginning, was to have an international company selling goods to the whole world.

The real break through came when he invented a ground breaking vacuum cleaner weighing only 17.5 kilos which could be operated by only one person! In a time where other cleaning machines were huge and needing 4 or more operators, the Nilfisk C1 was definitely a revolution.

Still today, the genius behind these first cleaning machines is unquestioned. Cleaning machines remains a simply brilliant solution to an ongoing problem - things get dirty, and they need to be cleaned without too much trouble.

Nilfisk-Advance expanded slowly but steady through the decades, but this development really took off at the end of the 1980´s. We became part of the NKT Group, and our new owners focus and drive made Nilfisk-Advance take a giant leap forward. Since then it has been our aim to be one of the biggest global players in the market of professional cleaning equipment. By acquiring many smaller companies to expand our product portfolio and presence in new markets, we are now represented in all parts of the world, with a variety of cleaning solutions that will fit every need.

P.A. Fisker would be proud. Today his vision has come through.

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